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Mini color correction, includes shipping to you

This version is MINI - removing front rows of hair and replacing with better match.  If you feel you need a Full replacement, see color correction listing here  on our website.  We are a small operation that we do not have margins high enough to cover remaking these based on not receiving good photos.  We appreciate you understanding that we make every effort to match each girl and while you might believe this is an expensive investment, we know that our prices are very low relative to the quality of hair we are using and other products in the the real hair market.  We make this product because we wanted to help other moms solve a problem.  Please do not disrespect us by explaining that you spent money on this and you expect it to be perfect for you.   You know your daughter and her hair color, but all we can go off is how the photo depicts the color.  We each have the reposinbibly here to make this product together starting with photos that show the true color of the hair.  We cannot offer a color guarantee or 1) we would have to double the price of these 2) we might never please some.  3)There are simply too many variations on hair color.  The purpose of these is to save their hair from damage, to fit securely and not come out in competition.  Your daughter is 2" tall on the stage from the Judges box.  A small difference in color is not going to be noticable. Please keep in mind we are working with 19 shades of hair and there are infinite possibilities of color and color combinations .... perfection for all is not a possibility. We do the best we can to match each one to the best of our abilities and what we can see from your photos. 

1)Please email photos of her hair next to the Beehive to  IN NATURAL LIGHT.  Please do not take pictures in hallway, bathroom, kitchen or other man made light.   Also please do not send backlit photos this alters how we can see the color.  

2) Send back - JUST THE HAIR, NOT THE CASE OR ANYTHING ELSE.  Send with notes -

your daughters name

style notes

color notes

order number

Send to:
Beehive Cheer Hair -MINICC

2402 N Government Way

Coeur d' Alene, ID 83814