How do I choose color?

We use over 19 shades of hair to custom blend each girl and even sometimes have to custom color. We have found we have more success when we do the color matching with your photos.  Attach 2-4 photos that show the hair color variations.

Tips for sending good photos,

Make sure the photo looks like her color when you look at the image.

Natural light is best but NOT direct sunlight.  Back lighting is bad, make sure your light source is not behind the subject.

How do I measure?

First measure around the elastic of her ponytail using a soft measuring tape. This tells us how tight her zip tie will be. We want this to be accurate so the fabric does not bunch.

Then make a tight bun and measure from one side up and over the other side (elastic to elastic). This tell us how much hair will go on her bun size and this correlates with the price.

Tip: if you don't have a soft measuring tape handy, use a string or cut a strip of paper and lay it on a ruler or tape measure.

Why do you need gym colors?

We use them to personalize your Beehive.  We hand stitch a personalized label in to each hairpiece to coordinate with the colors of your gym.

Can you make it bigger later?

We can make your bun cap bigger and reuse the hair, REHAB. We only recommend doing this one time as the removal process is hard on the hair and it may not withstand removing more than once. Check our current listings for the pricing on this. Please note we cannot make it longer... we reuse the hair that was on it and add more but we don't have a magic way to lengthen the hair. That would require a new one.

How long will it last?

If it is taken care of, it should last 2-3 seasons.  However it is a natural product and it can only withstand so much abuse, like our own hair.  See tips on care.